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Watch These Pranksters Scare The Life Out Of Women Using The Bathroom

Not cool, bro.

It's often the nature of pranks to call certain morals into question, but the pranksters behind AverageBroTV live for the laughs. Even if that means invading people's space in one of the most intimate places—the bathroom.

For the groups latest stunt, they tapped YouTuber's "Twinzies" to help scare the life out of a handful of unsuspecting public bathroom dwellers. The ladies recruit the use of a fake human head (named Chester), to peek over women's toilet stalls.

Screaming ensues. And more screaming.

(Pro tip: Turn your volume down)

Back in July, the pranksters also tried to pull this stunt in a men's bathroom. However, the original prank resulted in multiple physical assaults and a serious gun threat that left Cody and Chester shaking.

"I almost got shot doing this in the guy's restroom," Cody writes in the description of his video. It makes you wonder, how did they have the gall for a second take?

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