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Here's What James Franco Was Doing While 'The Interview' Died

Celebrating eight crazy nights.

In case you missed it, Sony Pictures officially pulled the formerly upcoming comedy "The Interview" from theaters on December 17, with no further plans to release it either in theaters, on DVD or digitally. So what were stars James Franco and Seth Rogen doing while the rest of America was flipping out/calmly discussing the repercussions of North Korean hackers censoring a Hollywood movie?

Franco, at least, was having a lovely evening at a Hanukkah party with Lady Gaga and Courtney Love. As one does.

Here's another pic in case you don't believe us:

Before that, the star -- who plays a dimwit TV host tasked with assassinating North Korean leader Kim Jong-un in the movie -- was taking in a Broadway show. Specifically "Cabaret," and singing the praises of Emma Stone, who currently stars in the production.

As for Rogen, who co-stars as Franco's producer? He hasn't tweeted in over a day, last taking to social media on December 16 to talk about how good "Birdman" was:

So they're Emma Stone fans, is what we can gather from this.

Look: if we're feeling emotions ranging from anger, to sadness, to confusion about this still developing story, we can't imagine what Rogen and Franco are feeling.

It's certainly frustrating to see the rest of Hollywood and the media react without hearing from the two key players... But it's coming. The duo weren't afraid to make the controversial movie in the first place, and they haven't been afraid of pushing the envelope in the past. They're not going to stay silent on this forever. And there's still time, whatever their response is, to come out on top as the heroes of this situation.

Will they release the film online themselves? Hold secret underground screenings? Actually fly to North Korea to assassinate Kim Jong-un IRL? Or perhaps just keep having delightful looking Hanukkah parties?

Whatever their eventual response is, stay tuned to MTV News for more on this story as it develops.