Demi Lovato's New Dog Is Giving Us A Cute Attack

Meet Buddy.

Stop what you're doing RIGHT NOW, because there is something SO INCREDIBLY IMPORTANT happening on the Internet. Demi a new dog!

Can you handle it???? Because Demi cannot. (And neither can we!)

The "Really Don't Care" singer appears to have reversed her whole "IDGAF" thing, because she so totally gives all the Fs about this little guy.

Just LOOK at him, chasing his wiggly little tail around like that!

He is basically a little marshmallow dream cloud with EYES.

The cuddly little muffin is already climbing the social media ranks with his very own Twitter handle and 13,000 followers to boot. Of course, Mama Lovato is the only account he'd dare follow back.

Demi revealed that Buddy is an early Christmas present, but she didn't say from whom. Maybe Wilmer Valderrama is gunning for boyfriend of the year? I mean, what could possibly top a puppy under the tree?