Anna Kendrick Is Wild For A Cat Sex Toy: Watch

Put it this way: It's not not a fur-covered dildo.

Anna Kendrick isn't afraid to call 'em like she sees 'em. And what she sees, in this case, is a fur-covered dildo.

Although Anna's appearance on "The Late Show" last night was probably meant to promote "Into the Woods," she ended up devoting pretty much all her screen time to talking about the bizarre novelty kids' toy known as "The Cat Paw," which was being featured on the show just before her interview, and which may or may not have some, er, unadvertised uses.

"Can I just say, that cat toy: That is a fur-covered dildo, no?" she said.

No? Of course not! It's a toy, for children! Look, here's a photo:

So obviously, it's... I mean... um.

Okay, still withholding judgment here, but we will say this: That is certainly not not a fur-covered dildo.

Anna had her own theory about the origins of the dildo item in question, saying, "There was a factory, they were putting those out, they said, 'Put a mitten on it, and sell it to children!'"

Meanwhile, being anxious to get to the bottom of this mystery, MTV News dug into the annals of YouTube for additional information about the applications of the Cat Paw, where we discovered this promotional video, which shows it as being primarily useful for a) clearing your countertop of stuffed animals, and b) waking an exceptionally high-strung child up from his afternoon nap, but says nothing at all about sticking the Cat Paw up or into one's orifices.

Of course, they also don't explicitly say that you can't do that, so who knows. Either way, it's worth noting that not only is the Cat Paw covered in fur, but it meows and snarls when you pull its trigger, which seems like it would be pretty unsettling... unless your fantasies happen to involve being erotically mauled from within by an angry Mister Mistofeles, in which case, Merry Christmas, you filthy animal.