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This Is The Most Passive-Aggressive Note Ever Written To The Tooth Fairy

Money talks, even when you're 8 years old.

Have you ever been stood up? Yeah? Well, have you ever been stood up by the tooth fairy?

Jennifer E. was when she was a kid, as in she didn't find any money under her pillow the morning after she lost a tooth, and her younger self would not stand for it.

Jennifer, who goes by the name Imgur user judokitten on Reddit, shared the angry letter she wrote in response to the winged bone collector's snub, and... Let's just say she goes in.

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The artifact, found by the OP's father, reads:

(Not Very) Dear T.F.,

This is the second time you've done this. You for me. So if you're not going to come, then, I'm going to keep my own teeth. You are through collecting teeth from Jennifer [obscured]. From now on I'm keeping my own teeth.


Jennifer E.

P.S. Keep collecting from Mike, though. Obviously you like him better.

P.P.S. Don't bother to write back.

Jennifer later shared a statement from her dad (a.k.a. the "T.F.") explaining why the tooth fairy stood her up: "I couldn't get to your pillow the night before last because it was messy. If you clean your room, I could get to you in a timely manner."

Lucky for this kid, The Rock isn't her dad.