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Um, Why Is Justin Bieber Posting Photos of Rihanna?

We have a few theories.

You know when people say, "Don't go there"? Well, Justin Bieber just WENT THERE. We think.

On Tuesday (December 16), the "Confident" crooner wished his Instagram followers a "Happy Holidays" using...a picture of Rihanna? Yep, JB's seasonal caption came coupled with a sexy-cool boudoir photo of everybody's favorite badgal.

Instagram @JustinBieber

What? What! Why!?

Biebs didn't let Miss RiRi's bedroom eyes linger for long. The singer deleted the photo about an hour or so after posting it up and provided exactly zero explanation as to why he shared it in the first place.

Naturally, the only thing we can do in this most confounding situation is speculate why.

1. To Make Selena Gomez Jealous

It's the obvious conclusion to jump to, seeing as how Selena posted a sexy black and white horizontal selfie on her own account just a few hours prior.

2. He's Got One Wish For Christmas

Call it a vision board. Call it "The Secret." But, let's call it what it really is: A manifestation of JB's deepest desires. If you will it, it will happen... Right?

3. Rihanna Bears An Uncanny Resemblance To St. Nick

Instagram @badgalriri

You know, with that fluffy, white beard and pointy red hat, Rih is a dead ringer for Santa Claus -- wait.

4. He's Joining The Rihanna Navy

You're never too old or too famous to stan for the best of them.