The 9 Best Movie First Looks Of 2014

These first looks left us wanting more.

As much as we love movie trailers, sometimes the thing that gets us really, really excited for a movie arrives way before we ever get to see a big, edited-together package that we can watch over and over. That first look might come as a poster, a clip, a super-exclusive Comic-Con panel, a simple Twitter picture -- and here are our very favorite first glances at movies from the year.

  1. "Inside Out"

    It's about the voices inside your head, and all of your favorite celebrities (wassup, Mindy Kaling and Amy Poehler) voice them, but that's not necessarily what grabbed our attention in the first trailer. In fact, the first images we saw about "Inside Out" weren't from that movie at all. Pixar used clips from its previous cry-fest films -- "Toy Story," "Up" and "WALL-E," to name a few -- to tug at our heartstrings and promise more where that came from. We can't wait.

  2. Wonder Woman

    Sure, her solo movie isn't even close to done (yet) but Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman reveal was epic. Like it or not, that costume made a chrome-coated splash.

  3. The Batmobile

    Long after we knew that Ben Affleck's true name was Batfleck, we finally saw the first sign of life from Gotham City: the Batmobile. Well, hello there. A set of wheels we can get behind, finally. Let's hope it'll roll right up to a "Batman V Superman" trailer sometime soon.

  4. "Jurassic World"

    Riding motorcycles with raptors much? Our first big look at the return to the worst idea for a theme park ever was exciting, but what about this photo of a shadowy dino director Colin Trevorrow tweeted? COME ON.

  5. "Pitch Perfect 2"

    There's nothing like reuniting with old friends, right? So, the first "Pitch Perfect 2" cast photo, taken in rehearsal for the sequel, was like a warm hug.

  6. "The Avengers: Age of Ultron"

    NO STRINGS ON ME, NO STRINGS ON MEEEEEE! None. Zero. Nuh-uh. Just awesomeness. The footage brought down the house at Comic-Con this summer, and the official trailer wowed us all this fall. We repeat: No. Strings.

  7. "Mad Max: Fury Road"

    Holy huge Comic-Con surprise, Batman Max! The shocking reveal of the "Mad Max" footage in San Diego was one of the con's most electrifying, gotta-be-there thrills.

  8. "Star Wars"

    That old Hollywood-vibe, black and white pic of the "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" cast before we even knew it was called "The Force Awakens"? Yeah, we didn't hate it. We didn't know who anyone was playing (we still kind of don't, to be honest) and still it was such a classy but exciting way to break into the conversation.

  9. "Tomorrowland"

    The first reveal of this super-secret Disney project at New York Comic Con was, well, magic. Have you ever seen anything as cool as that effect when she touches the pin? We haven't.