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Justin Bieber Is Still 'Super Single,' Ladies: Here's Proof

Blond Bieber is a bachelor.

Justin Bieber is stepping up to silence the relationship rumor mill.

In a post to his Instagram account Monday (Dec. 15), the pop supestar shared a photo of he and model Hailey Baldwin sharing a ride in the back of a car with the caption, "People are crazy. I'm super single and this is my good friend u would know otherwise."

There you go. Justin is single. Now relax.

Hailey stepped in later to tweet a little confirmation of her own, saying "Hope that clarifies everything for everyone. Rumors are silly!"

Speculation of a budding relationship between the two BFFs sprung up earlier this year when hang-outs between them began popping up all over Baldwin and Bieber's social accounts, and were reignited when the couple were spotted together in Washington state over the weekend.

But Bieber and Baldwin weren't alone. The celebs also shared photos indicating the twosome was actually a foursome, including buds Chris Brown and Kendall Jenner. Reports indicate the troupe met up over the weekend in Washington for Chris Brown's performance in the Dope Music Festival at the Tacoma Dome Arena.

Kylie Jenner joked about the swirling rumors on Twitter, poking fun at X17Online's headline about the hang-out.

Either way, Justin claims he's still on the market. All hope has not been lost for droves of single Beliebers.