Ashton Kutcher's Terrible Poker Face Basically Confirms Charlie Sheen Will Be On The 'Two And A Half Men' Finale

'I didn't say anything!' claimed Kutcher — but he didn't have to.

Ashton Kutcher did not tell Ellen Degeneres that Charlie Sheen will very probably be returning to the show that killed him off — CBS' "Two and a Half Men"‚ during its series finale. His face did.

That's right, the Kutch showed the entire world — simply by being asked the question "is Charlie coming back?" by Degeneres while being interviewed on her show — just how bad he is at keeping his cool (and secrets in general) by quickly losing it, acting a straight-up fool at the mere mention of the series' former star.

Of course Kutcher walked himself right into the set-up saying he was a "little terrified" of the series finale as it was recently pitched to him. Considering Sheen has less than kind words for his replacement (following his tigerblood-fueled game of #winning that ultimately brought the actor's time on the Chuck Lorre show to a close) for the past three years.

Just how scary is the finale's proposed maybe-Sheen-ness? "If you're working on the Warner Bros. lot, if there's sirens, come save me," the actor explained. Watch the whole clip here via "Ellen."