Watch What Happens When 'The Hobbit' Goes To Work At 'The Office'

Gollum is still tricksies, even on 'Saturday Night Live.'

For those who may not know him, Martin Freeman is a man of many talents. Not only is he currently starring as the hobbit in "The Hobbit: The Battle Of The Five Armies," but he also was in the original version of "The Office" on BBC. These two worlds collided on last night's (December 13) "Saturday Night Live" episode, where Martin took a turn at hosting for the very first time. While the sketches were varied in humor, the best one of the night was indeed a spoof on "The Office," starring the precious little hobbit.

Brave (and sweaty) hobbit Bilbo Baggins now works at Paper company in "The Office: Middle Earth" edition.

While Bilbo takes over the traditional desk narrative, Gandalf (Bobby Moynihan) is running ship as general manager. But he's more than a boss, he's more of a chilled out entertainer (cut to a circle of Middle Earth characters being serenaded by Gandalf strumming on the guitar). But the best comes from Taran Killam, a shirtless Gollum who tracks down his missing stapler encased in jello, ferociously eats a fish, and calls everything his precious.

If you didn't know Martin Freeman before this episode, he gives you a little background on where he comes from: England.

While some may consider him a funny George Clooney, Freeman explains that all British celebrities know each other and their friends. He didn't get a chance to sit courtside at Barclays center with the Royal Couple (and Beyonce and Jay Z), but he's meeting up with them back in London for brunch, where Daniel Radcliffe will be there, and he'll later have tea with Harry Styles. To prove this point, Maggie Smith (Kate McKinnon) and Alan Rickman a.k.a Snape (Taran Killam) make a quick cameo.

Sump'n Claus is here to make sure every body is still gettin' sump'n.

Not all of us can make it onto Santa's nice list, so Kenan Thompson sings as the well-suited Santa, "Everybody's been naughty, Everyone's got flaws." If you've been crossed off Santa's list, Sump'n Claus is happy to provide you with cash in white envelopes. Besides, the other Santa sees you when you're sleeping and that's just weird.

Martin Freeman's Oxford man meets Leslie Jones' WNBA baller at the altar.

The couple is about to be married after meeting at a combination Taco Bell/Pizza Hut. Unfortunately a line of objections begins to form in the aisle. Freeman forgoes his current marriage (and wife who is in the pews) to say his vows to Jones, who spends her time throwin' elbows and laying ladies out on the court. Although it's revealed that Freeman is suffering from a private part injury that leaves him looking like a late stage Jenga tower, he insists upon marrying.

Have you ever noticed that out of the 800 emojis on your phone, not one of them is a black person?

Sasheer Zamata is here to explore the phenomenon, pointing out that the closest thing African Americans have to representing themselves is the dark moon emoji, which looks like a baby Charles Barkley. And though any African American emoji is yet to exist, there are two different kinds of dragons, nine different cat faces and three generations of a white family. Get on it, Apple.

Charli XCX manages her nerves to deliver a great rendition of her "Fault In Our Stars" slow-building love song "Boom Clap."

Coming off of her Jingle Ball performance in Madison Square Garden, Charli XCX was so nervous to be the musical guest on "SNL" she thought she might vomit onstage. Luckily, she got through it just fine, opening with "Boom Clap." One of MTV's Best Artists of 2014, Charli brought retro glam to the favorite song off "The Fault In Our Stars" soundtrack, singing with two suited female guitarists by her side.

Where on earth is Charli gonna break the rules if not on 'SNL'?

For her second performance, Charli punched things up with "Break The Rules." From her newest album Sucker, the rebellious anthem brought some feminist punk rock to the 8H crowd. Charli set the bar for One Direction, who will close out the year performing as musical guest with host Amy Adams on the 2014 finale next week.