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Justin Bieber Isn't Our First Celeb Crush To Go Platinum Blonde—Here's 8 Other Throwback Pics

We totally get it. Blonde's really do have more fun.

Have you recovered yet from the shock of Justin Bieber going platinum? (The hair, not the records.)

No? Well, Selema Gomez and I haven't either.

And after watching Bieber's golden locks bouncing on the court today, all I could think of was "this boy is definitely a throwback Carter brother."

But then it suddenly dawned on me: Biebs may actually be stuck in some sort of bizarre space-time continuum with Aaron Carter—and plenty of our other celeb crushes who went all platinum at different points.

1. Exhibit A: Nick Carter shooting hoops circa 2002:

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No shots, but his form is a little more on point than Bieber's is.

2. Or, Aaron Carter acting lewd circa 2002:

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Wow, it's almost like Aaron Carter predicted Bieber? Pretty sure the Biebs himself has done this at some point, right?

3. Or, there was '90s "Saved By The Bell" Heartthrob Zack Morris:

Very, very blonde and very, very cute.

4. How about the original platinum rapper Eminem, circa 1999?

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The way things are going lately, these two might end up on a song together. Maybe they'll discuss conditioners.

5. We can't forget Jared Leto in 1999's "Fight Club":

The first rule about blonde hair is you don't talk about your stylist.

6. Or adorable baby Tom Felton as Draco Malfoy in 2001's "Harry Potter":

They've definitely both got attitude.

7. Anyone else miss Brad Pitt's sun-kissed tresses from 2005? No, just me?

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If even the iconic, suave Brad Pitt went bleach blonde for a while, we know the impulse must strike literally everyone.

8. Finally, we honorable mention to Ryan Gosling's bleached locks for 2011's "Place Beyond The Pines":

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Okay, so this one was definitely for a role, but it still totally happened.

What other celebs does Bieber's new look remind you of? Tell us in the comments below.