14 Flawless Vacations Beyonce Went On Without You In 2014

Jay Z and Blue Ivy got to come. You did not.

Beyoncé somehow managed to squeeze a ton of fabulous-looking vacations into her busy 2014 schedule, which was packed with two world tours, an album re-release and, like, maintaining order in her galactic queendom.

She invited us along on approximately zero of said vacays, and we've made peace with that. Let's vicariously relive 14 of those flawless vacations below.

  1. Beyoncé rang in the New Year at the Versace mansion in Miami.

    You did not.

  2. Then, she and Solange celebrated their mom, Tina Knowles', 60th birthday with a masquerade in New Orleans.

    No mask for you.

  3. Bey and husband Jay Z jetted to the Dominican Republic in February.

    There wasn't any room for you at their oceanfront vacation house. Blue Ivy needed that extra room to do infant Bikram. You understood.

  4. Oh, look. Beyoncé and Blue hit up the Barbican Centre's "Rain Room" in London.

    Look, but don't touch. You'd have to be there in person to touch.

  5. Remember when the "7/11" singer took her daughter giraffe shopping at the Dublin Zoo?

    Of course you don't.

  6. What about when she showed the Eiffel Tour who run the world (and, more immediately, Paris)?

    Still drawing a blank, huh.

  7. Yoncé headed to the DR once again to troll the Internet's thigh-gap conspiracy theorists.

    But, you wouldn't know anything about that.

  8. Jay and the Knowles sisters had the best time ever at Coachella in April.

    And you had a great time reading about it from home.

  9. In May, Beyoncé ditched Kimye's wedding in Versailles and Florence to take selfies in the Hamptons.

    You were available that weekend. You could've used that invite.

  10. Not sure which body of water Jay and Bey waded into in July.

    But, it doesn't really matter. You weren't there.

  11. The On The Run Tour hit Houston in July, which meant that Bey had no choice but to recreate the "Blow" video at her hometown roller rink.

    Meanwhile, you had, like, sun poisoning or whatever.

  12. Mr. and Mrs. Carter "Mona Lisa"-smiled at the Louvre in Paris this past September.

    While you "Mona Lisa"-frowned in a dimly lit room, alone, surrounded by a half-dozen cobweb-covered chairs.

  13. Beyoncé will never forget Solange's November wedding in New Orleans.

    And you... Who are you again?

  14. To celebrate Hov's December birthday, he and Bey flew to Iceland.

    They're probably talking sh-t about you with Björk right now.