9 Times A Disney Channel Movie Made You Wish You Were A Good Singer

It's like every protagonist was required to have a beautiful voice.

The last two new "Girl Code" episodes for this season air tonight. It's another reminder that all good things must end, like your childhood. That doesn't mean you can't still reminisce about your favorite Disney programming from time to time, though.

For kiddos born in the '90s and early '00s, Disney Channel Original Movies -- a.k.a. DCOMs -- were just as good as, if not better than, anything we ever saw in a real theater. Looking back, I'm not sure why we all loved them so much. In fact, I think DCOMs even made me feel bad about myself sometimes.

Hear me out.

The main characters in DCOMs pretty much always had some amazing undiscovered talent -- usually singing -- that led them to great success by the end of the movie. Meanwhile, I was still sitting on my tush nomming popcorn on my couch when the credits rolled. My 10-year-old self wished she could belt out the high notes like they did in "Cheetah Girls."

Here are the biggest DCOM moments that made us normal folk desperately wish we could carry a tune...

To set the mood, first watch this Vine that every former DCOM addict will relate to:

  1. When Mitchie ditched her insecurities in "Camp Rock"

    Since Mitchie's family couldn't afford Camp Rock's tuition, her mom worked as the camp cook in order to pay for Mitchie's summer there -- a situation that Mitchie was embarrassed by at a place full of wealthy kids. To fit in, Mitchie lied to everyone and told them her mom was the president of an international TV network.

    The other campers eventually found out her secret and hated her for deceiving them. Mitchie's memorable "This Is Me" performance at the Final Jam concert was her chance to show the world that she's not ashamed of who she is -- a lesson that everyone needs to learn at some point.

  2. When the Cheetah Girls sang about "Girl Power"

    "Girl Power" was basically the preteen version of "Single Ladies." You wanted to bust out those killer moves at every middle school dance ever.

  3. When Sam tried to get Roscoe's attention in "Pixel Perfect"

    Sam wrote the song "Notice Me" for her band, Zetta Bytes, because she had the hots for her best friend, Roscoe. The song was Sam's way of politely asking Roscoe to, well, notice her.

    Things didn't quite work out that way. Instead, the band's lead singer -- a hologram named Loretta that Roscoe created to be the perfect performer and, coincidentally, also the perfect girlfriend -- ended up singing "Notice Me" on stage. Sam hung out in the background as usual, and you felt for her because nobody likes being someone's second choice.

  4. When Jessica and Christopher sang "Something About The Sunshine" with the windows down in "Starstruck"

    The only thing better than singing at the top of your lungs to your favorite song while cruising down the highway? Having an international pop star sing along in the seat next to you.

  5. When the audience sang Lemonade Mouth's "Determinate"

    When five high school freshmen stuck in detention formed a band called Lemonade Mouth, there was bound to be some hiccups along the way. When they just couldn't get it together at a battle of the bands competition, the audience -- ever the loyal fans -- helped them out by singing their famous song "Determinate" even though they couldn't perform it themselves.

  6. When the Cheetah Girls celebrated their friendship

    "Cheetah Sisters" reminded you -- in the cheesy way that all DCOM movies did -- that nothing was more important than friends. It was a feel-good anthem that was so catchy, you could never get it out of your head.

  7. When Brady dressed the part in "Teen Beach Movie"

    "Cruisin' for a Bruisin'" brought out the inner theater nerd in you that you didn't even know existed. If you tried to join a group halfway through a dance number like Brady did here, you'd probably fall all over yourself and probably somehow -- by chain effect -- cause everyone else to fall, too.

  8. When Troy and Gabriella first met in "High School Musical"...

    If someone plucked me from a crowd and told me to ring in the new year by singing a duet with a complete stranger, I would make a complete ass of myself. Gabriella and Troy, on the other hand, completely nailed their impromptu performance of "Start Of Something New." My adolescent self was sooo jealous of them.

  9. ...and when they broke up in "High School Musical 2"

    Even the Wildcats' dream couple couldn't make it work all the time. Our preteen hearts broke when Gabriella dumped Troy with "Gotta Go My Own Way."

On a tangentially related (and very hilarious) note, here's what happens when you dump your ex using the lyrics to "Gotta Go My Own Way"...

Of course, the list above is only a sampling of all the awesome music DCOM addicts grew up to. There are TONS of Disney Channel Movie moments that gave us all the feels. Which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below.