Check Out These Precious Pics From The Hobbit LA Premiere

Azog the Defiler looks swell in a tux.

Although attendance was a tiny bit sparse at last night's Los Angeles premiere of "The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies," the cast who did make an appearance clearly had a terrific time reuniting to celebrate the last "Hobbit" movie. Elves, orcs, dwarves, and Gollums all put in an appearance on the arrivals carpet -- along with a couple of ringer hobbits from that other Middle Earth trilogy, whose presence more than made up for the fact that Martin Freeman couldn't make it. Check out the great pics from the premiere below.

Among the highlights from the carpet: a "Lord of the Rings" reunion for Legolas, Frodo, and Pippin (a.k.a. Orlando Bloom, Elijah Wood, and Billy Boyd.)

It could have been a "LOST" reunion, too, if Dominic Monaghan had showed; Evangeline Lilly was out last night, in a rare (and ultra-glamorous) premiere appearance.

Graham McTavish, who rocked a kilt, is the one dwarf cast member who's still recognizable without his fake beard.

Andy Serkis has been contractually obligated to pose for photos like this since 2001.

Tauriel and Thranduil seem to have worked out their differences.

Even when not set off by his elven wig, Lee Pace has the best eyebrows ever to appear on a human face.

Peter Jackson poses like a proud papa with 13 years' worth of his actors.

Here is your obligatory reminder that underneath his prosthetic dwarf nose, Thorin (Richard Armitage) is a regulation hottie.

Here is your other, obligatory reminder that Azog the Defiler is actually played by former "Arrow" beefcake Manu Bennett in a motion capture suit.

And until or unless they make a movie out of "The Simarillion," this is the last week that we'll see all these denizens of Middle Earth, walking a carpet together in harmony. *Sniff.*