Joaquin Phoenix Just Punked Us Again

Joaquin, such a kidder.

There's just something about Joaquin Phoenix that brings out the inner Fox Mulder in all of us. We want to believe! We really do! And Joaquin Phoenix, it must be said, always gives us what we want -- in this case, the all-too-credible news that he had gotten engaged to his yoga instructor, after she introduced him to a little-known asana called "harnessing the hog."

It's such an amazing story. It's just too bad that it isn't real. After getting big laughs and applause from David Letterman's audience Monday night when he announced his impending marriage, Phoenix revealed that he made the whole thing up because his actual life is too boring to talk about. Also, he doesn't even do yoga.

"I wanted the audience to like me. They really like people getting married," he explained in a followup appearance this morning on Good Morning America.

For those who've forgotten, this isn't the first time that Joaquin Phoenix played a prank on the public, having very effectively faked a year-long nervous breakdown, during which he claimed to be quitting Hollywood to become a rapper, back in 2008.

That said, let's just be honest: knowing that wedding bells won't be chiming for the actor anytime soon does basically nothing to diminish how amusing it is to watch Joaquin announce his "news." Enjoy the whole, beautiful lie below: