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Who Do Cats Love More: Taylor Swift Or Slayer?

Slayer is currently in the lead.

Taylor Swift may be the Queen of Cats, but the king -- or kings, rather -- are undoubtedly Slayer. Not only are felines transfixed by the metal band, the dudes themselves are apparently pretty soft when it comes to cats.

In an instance of serendipity that only the Web can make manifest, two pieces of kitty/Slayer news emerged Monday (December 8), when a video of a cat massively enjoying a video of the band performing (once again) went viral -- and news surfaced that the band recently rescued a kitten.

First, let's take a peek at the video, in which a very chill cat is just vibing along to some serious metal. People who display barbarian-esque social skills at concerts, take note -- THIS is how you enjoy the show. Note the subtle toe-tap.

In more recent cat news, the band also apparently rescued a homeless kitty in Indiana after dinner at a steakhouse.

"Assistant tour manager, Jess [Cortese] saw a homeless man on the street who offered up this little kitten for a dollar," the band's management told Nuvo. "The kitten apparently was freezing so Jess took it, slept with her in her bunk on the bus and went to the venue with her today, hanging out." The cat, christened "Gypsy," found a permanent home soon after.

All hail Slayer -- conquering cat heroes!