Vote For Your Best Songs Of 2014

Will Taylor take all? How about Ariana? The power is in your hands.

Well, friends, 2014 is marching to a glorious close -- replete with holiday parties and celebrating and whatnot -- and there's only one question left on our minds before 2015 commences: What was your #1 song of 2014? We've shared our Best Songs Of 2014. So, what song had you yelling "this is my jam" and cranking up the volume every time it came on the radio? Had you endlessly hitting repeat on your phone/ computer/ music player of choice? The world needs to know!

Will it be "Stay With Me" by MTV's Best Artist of the Year, Sam Smith? (If that was your top pick, then you definitely need to see the first-person essay Sam Smith shared with us detailing his emotional rise to fame.) Or Taylor Swift's "Blank Space"? How about Ariana Grande's "Problem"? Or was Wiz Khalifa's "We Dem Boyz" the best jam of past 12 months? We've shared our picks for the best songs of 2014 -- and now it's your turn. Rank your top 25 songs below and make your voice heard! Voting ends December 24.

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Vote For Your Best Artists Of 2014

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