Let Benjamin The Baby Pygmy Goat Prance His Way Into Your Heart

You're welcome.

There is a baby pygmy goat in Yorkshire, England that is currently reigning as the cutest animal on the internet. What makes him so special? Well, he wasn't able to be weaned by his mom (he was a twin), so Tom Horsfield has decided to raise him as his own, the news program BBC Look North explained in a segment.

Or at least we're pretty sure that's what the goat thinks, because he can't get enough of Tom and won't stop following him everywhere with an endless supply of bouncing, kicking, baby animal glee.

What a sweet, sweet angel. A little goat-y prince. We'd keep bleating but we're sure you're doing enough of that on your own as well because what else do you do when witnessing the cutest thing on the Internet right now.?

Also you're welcome.