The True Star Of 'Peter Pan Live': Christopher Walken's Dance Moves

Pan could fly, but Hook could dance.

The morning after "Peter Pan Live" debuted on NBC, the general consensus is that this much-buzzed-about one-night-only musical production more than lived up to its hype -- and that yes, yes!, we do believe in fairies. But after rounding up the best moments from last night's performance, there's one bit that deserves an encore round of applause: Christopher Walken's sick, one-handed hoofing as Captain Hook.

Of all the pirate dance parties you've seen in your life, this one cannot be topped.

NBC/ Buzzfeed

Is that a shimmy? Pretty sure it's a shimmy.

NBC/ Buzzfeed

Check out this close-up on that sweet, sweet solo.

Of course, the man is 71 years old, which means that he sometimes took a pass on just jumping into the air with the rest of his crew.


So we'll just conclude with the obligatory reminder that in Christopher Walken's younger years, he could really bust a move.