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Cee Lo Green Comments On The Allegations Bill Cosby Faces: 'I Definitely Can't Judge Him'

The musician said the situation strikes him as unfair.

In the wake of the rape allegations that have resurfaced against Bill Cosby, plenty of celebrities have weighed in on the scandal.

The most recent of which is Cee Lo Green, who plead no contest to a felony charge of furnishing a woman with ecstasy earlier this year. TMZ asked Green to comment on the scandal given his own personal experience, and Green spoke to the perception surrounding Cosby's silence.

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"He hadn't said anything, which is to some an admission of guilt as well," Green said. "I'm saying that can be the perception, and it was the perception because he hadn't made a formal statement defending himself. I just... it doesn't seem fair any way you slice it."

Cosby has been mostly silent in the wake of the charges, and although several formal statements have been issued from his lawyer, he has canceled several interviews since more and more women have come forward accusing him of varying degrees of sexual assault. Some peers like Judd Apatow have called for venues to cancel all his performances, yet while he continues to perform, Cosby has met with standing ovations from supportive fans.

Cee Lo said it's unfortunate that Cosby is going through this because he's a beloved figure, and that he personally can't judge Cosby.

"But you can't defend yourself, you just have to let facts be facts and so forth," Green said. "The facts have to speak the loudest. None of this seems fair, but of course, for any victim in the situation it's highly unfair. I definitely can't judge him, it's just unfortunate because he's so beloved."

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