Are Chris Martin And Kings Of Leon About To Start A Supergroup?

The Coldplay frontman sang along with two of the Nashville band's songs last night in L.A.

Coldplay's Chris Martin made a surprise appearance at the Hollywood Bowl last night (October 3) as he joined Kings of Leon onstage for two songs of their L.A. concert.

The Nashville rock band had already played through most of the second-to-last concert on the U.S. leg of their Mechanical Bull tour when they surprised their audience by inviting Martin onstage.

Martin played piano and sang on "Talihina Sky", a hidden track from Kings of Leon's 2003 debut album Youth and Young Manhood that they rarely play live. He also played on "Notion," the chart-topping single from the 2009 album Only By the Night.


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Martin's new girlfriend Jennifer Lawrence, who he recently started dating after his split from his wife, actress Gwyneth Paltrow, was apparently in attendance backstage. The 24-year-old "Hunger Games" star has reportedly also been spotted hanging out with her BF at rehearsals . Last month, she sat in the balcony for Coldplay's concert at the Ace Hotel in L.A. She may be joining the band on the forthcoming tour to support their new album, Ghost Stories.

This isn't the first time that Martin has joined Kings of Leon onstage. Their friendship apparently started in March, when the Coldplay frontman took the stage during Kings of Leon's set at Radio One's One Big Weekend in Glasgow. The impromptu rock supergroup played "Fans" together.

Maybe we'll see a few more surprise collaborations before these guys are done touring.