Tiny Joseph Gordon-Levitt Was Super-Stoked To Be On Celebrity 'Jeopardy!'

Of course he was a Holden Caulfield fan.

If you've ever wondered what Joseph Gordon-Levitt would look like as a long-haired teenage tot who was super excited to know things about 1960s literature, then wonder no more: A video of the actor during his 1990s appearance on Celebrity "Jeopardy!" has surfaced, and it's as fabulous as you'd expect.

Conan O'Brien dug up this treasured artifact for Gordon-Levitt's appearance on "Conan" Wednesday, in which the actor can barely contain himself in his rush to buzz in on a question, the answer to which is "The Catcher in the Rye" -- which the squealing JGL informs us is (was?) his favorite book, a statement made that much more poignantly teenaged by the fact that his voice cracks with all the excitement.