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Meghan Trainor's All About Becky G's New Video

The singers are apparently BFFs.

Who wants to play random celebrity match-up, a totally real game I definitely didn't just make up? Everybody? COOL, 'cause we need to talk about Meghan Trainor and Becky G, who held an all-out love-fest across all manner of social media today.

The "Lips Are Movin" singer is a huge fan of Becky's new video, "Can't Stop Dancin'," which dropped Wednesday (Dec. 3). So big a fan, in fact, that she tweeted the clip to her 220k followers to let them know how "PERFECT" she thought it was.

The 17-year-old Cali native noticed Meghan's sweet words, and responded: "love youuuu!"

Moving from tweet to text, Trainor kept gushing about Becky's "Can't Stop Dancin'" video: "I watched it like 3 times already it's completely perfect. You look like a goddess, and an angel at the same time."

Miss G texted back about how they've got a "true friendship" on their hands, before posting a screenshot of the conversation on Instagram.

This isn't the first time Meghan and Becky have been all about each other. The "Shower" singer told OK! that she was super-into Trainor's "All About That Bass" back in August.