Jimmy Fallon And Rashida Jones Have The Perfect Holiday Song For You

Just try and find a song not parodied here.

Listen, we know you're all about that baste, but -- drop the stuffing, you'll want your hands free to hit play any second -- there's a bigger, better holiday parody in town. We know.

Jimmy Fallon teamed up with Rashida Jones for an all-singing, all-dancing holiday extravaganza playing off of not only current Top 40 hits ("Turn Down For What," "Stay With Me" and yet another take on "All About That Bass," among others), but also the Disney song that just won't die, "Let It Go."

We don't want it to die, especially when it's being parodied as excellently as this. "Cold sores never bothered me anyway"? It's genius, come on.

Watch the video from "Tonight With Jimmy Fallon" above.