11 Times The Whole 'Walking Dead' Squad Showed Up Looking Fresh

The Grimes Gang sure does clean up well, huh?

A lot of perks come your way when you sign on to star in AMC's colossal hit "The Walking Dead." There's the fame, some money probably, and the immortalization that comes with acting out scenes like "tainted meat."

However, one thing you won't get as a star on "Walking Dead" is the opportunity to look beautiful on television. Living in a zombie apocalypse means you have to constantly look smelly, grimy, and under slept, and the show's makeup and costume team has done an amazing job frumping up its gorgeous cast. (We're talking to you, Andrew Lincoln's beard.)

That's why it's always so pleasantly surprising to see the "TWD" cast in their Sunday best, because -- as you can clearly see in these photos -- this show basically has the most beautiful cast outside of The CW. Behold, 11 times the whole "Walking Dead" crew showed up looking fresh:

1. First, let's give it to the ladies.


Alanna Masterson, Sonequa Martin-Green, Lauren Cohan, Emily Kinney, Danai Gurira, and Melissa McBride killed it at the Season 5 premiere this October.

2. ... Though of course, the gentlemen clean up pretttty nicely as well.


I see your super-fly grey suit, Steven Yeun.

3. Especially Rick and Daryl, who almost look like different people.


Norman Reedus may never clean up that scruff -- not even for a world premiere -- but the former Calvin Klein model looks great without that damn vest.

4. Aww, look at Gareth!


It says a lot when even your show's resident cannibal can rock a tux.

5. The Paleyfest looks this year were out of this world.


Gurira's dress + Cohan's lipstick = YES.

6. I mean, look at Yeun's coat!


This is clearly a cast with some fashion sense.

7. Meanwhile, Maggie and Michonne one-upped the pop stars at the AMAs on Sunday.



8. Umm...


This one would be a bit more adorable if Daryl's life wasn't in the hands of a serial killer. Run, Norman. Run.

9. This cast frequently looks so fresh that even Reedus can't help but snap selfies.


Seriously, he loves it.

10. Again and again and again, with the selfies.


You'd probably do the same if your whole squad showed up looking that fresh.

11. Finally, rest in peace, original flawless cast.


Aw, remember when Andrea and the Governor and Lori were still alive? Yeah, me neither.