This 'Gotham' Art Reminds You Why The Penguin Is The Absolute Best

He is Gotham's future.

Even though "Gotham" remains years away from turning young master Bruce Wayne into the fearsome hero known as the Batman, the FOX TV series has plenty of familiar faces in play for DC Comics fans — chief among them, the Penguin.

Whatever quirks "Gotham" still needs to work out, Robin Lord Taylor's twisted, trippy turn as Oswald Cobblepot as an up-and-coming crime lord isn't one of them. It's the highlight of the show, from his oil-slick hipster hair to his crusty yellow teeth, his sunken eyes, his polite and plucky attitude he displays right before he murders you… basically, he's the greatest thing about the show, and it's not close.

Comic book artist Jock is hip to how great the "Gotham" version of Penguin is, so much so that he's gone ahead and illustrated this little gem:

Jock / DC Comics

According to Bleeding Cool, the artwork will appear as an advertisement for "Gotham" in next month's line of DC Comics offerings. Whether it sucks you back into the show or not, there's no denying how cool Jock's Penguin looks.

Really, there's just no denying the might of Robin Lord Taylor's Penguin. He is the best, full stop.