Natalie Dormer Answers The Burning 'Game Of Thrones' Question On Everyone's Mind

The cat's out of the bag, people!

With Reporting by Kase Wickman

With its sprawling story and extensive cast, "Game of Thrones" simply can't service every character the way fans want it to. But there's at least one character everyone can agree deserves more screen time in the upcoming fifth season…

…Ser Pounce, the royal kitty.

Will we see King Tommen's furry friend again when "Thrones" returns in the spring? The question was on our mind when we sat down with Margaery Tyrell herself, actress Natalie Dormer, at the "Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1" press junket. We'll let her give you the answer herself:

Doesn't sound especially encouraging. Can we get #SaveSerPounce trending now, please?