Celebrate Rachel McAdams' Birthday With 36 Flawless GIFs

Fully half of which are about her hair.

How do we begin to explain the magic of Rachel McAdams? She's the queen bee of the "Mean Girls" social scene; she's the uppercrust princess of Ryan Gosling's "The Notebook" dreams; she's the reigning champion of time-travel romances. And today, in honor of Rachel's 36th birthday, we're celebrating three dozen reasons why she's one of our favorite stars.

1. Rachel McAdams is flawless.

2. Wardrobe malfunctions don't faze her.

3. She's adorable, even bespectacled and bedhead-ed.

4. There is literally no hair color or style she can't rock.

5. Ginger? No problem.

6. Brunette? Sure.

7. And don't even get us started on the bangs.

8. She rocks a fat suit like nobody's business.

9. She was bringing booty back ten years before Meghan Trainor.

10. And she doesn't bother with butt doubles, either.

11. She gave us the perfect comeback for literally any awkward situation.

12. She's unflappable as Irene Adler.

13. She's very resourceful with a ballpoint pen.

14. She's a master at expressing her feelings, if not necessarily in words.

15. Her eye roll? Perfection.

16. That wrinkly thing she does with her nose? Adorable.

17. Her table manners? Impeccable.

18. She can wear literally anything and make it look good.

19. Her retro hair game is phenomenal.

20. As is her mastery of Victorian flirting.

21. She's one half of the greatest onscreen kiss of all time.

22. She gave us all the best "Mean Girls" one-liners.

23. And she's got the most smushable face!

24. See? You can't not smush it. SMUSH.

25. She knows how to give a compliment.

26. She looks like a rock star in a neck brace.

27. Did we mention her hair?

28. She looks terrific in pajamas.

29. She makes us think about deep existential questions.

30. She gives great side-eye.

31. She's a very assertive strip-teaser.

32. But she knows where to draw the line.

33. She makes misanthropy look cute.

34. She puts her foot down about nonsense words.

35. Without her, "The Notebook" wouldn't have been half as magical.

36. And one time, she punched us in the face. (Okay, no she didn't. But if she had, it would've been awesome.)