Lorde's Tumblr Q&A Reveals That She's Just As Lorde-ish As Ever

The bloggers have missed you, queen.

With one brief request, Lorde gifted her fans with enough information to keep them fed for the rest of the year. Many thanks, Tumblr user lordellayelich, for blessing us with such an unexpected opportunity.

But don't be fooled, this is no mere "how are you" Q&A session.

This is a deep, insightful dive into Lorde's creative process and childhood ambitions. For starters, the singer revealed that, initially, her sights were set on being a lawyer/comedian.

Lorde would be an amazing comedian, tbh.

And though the teen superstar as a lawyer/comedian sounds crazy, one of the wildest reveals was Lorde's narration of what it's like to create music in conjunction with her synesthesia.

Can you imagine? If the Grammy-winner had given up the track after her initial sound-to-color instincts kicked in, we might not be meeting down at the tennis courts.

All else aside, let's not forget that she's always there for her fans -- in music, spirit and Tumblr.

As an extremely young artist, she understands them on many personal levels.

And even when it comes to their hair, she is always ready for action. There is never a "REALLY STUPID" inquiry when it comes to Lorde and her curls.

It's no wonder Lorde and Taylor Swift are such pals. The two work wonders when it comes to spreading the love on Tumblr and empowering their fans to be confident at any age.

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