Lil' Wayne Hits The Books In H-Town, Stays With His Cash Money Crew

Rapper majoring in political science at University of Houston.

Lil' Wayne says he's just like any other college student; he's in pursuit of a higher education to better himself, but sometimes he does dread going to class and he might even be seeking financial aid.

"I have to look into that," the Cash Money Millionaire joked about applying for government aid to help pay for his schooling.

In January, Wayne started classes at the University of Houston, where he's majoring in political science. He takes classes including psychology on Tuesday and Thursday, and the rest of the time he spends devoted to music -- and sneaking in some studying.

"I'm not going back to school," clarified Wayne, who's been making music professionally since he was 9 years old and recently acquired his GED. "I'm really going to school for the first time."

Wayne settled on UH because it's not too far from his native New Orleans, but far enough that he won't be distracted by all his hometown family and friends. He also says he's been hanging out in Houston for years and considers H-Town a second home.

Lil' Weezy actually did contemplate moving into a second musical home and stepping away from the only label he's known. A few weeks back, a rep for Cash Money shot down the widespread rumor that their franchise player would be jetting, but according to Wayne, it could have been reality.

"What happened was, I was talking to my man Jay[-Z] and Lyor [Cohen], who's over at Atlantic." Wayne says he was leaning toward joining Jay at Def Jam when Universal, home of Cash Money, stepped in. "Honestly, Jay couldn't really do nothing, 'cause I was always under contract," Wayne explained. "He's an important dude; I didn't want him to fight no legal case behind me 'cause he don't know me like that."

Wayne, who is the only remaining Hot Boy still with Cash Money Records, says he negotiated more money with CMR distributor Universal, and now he's content where he is. "I mean, everybody knows Cash Money is my home and not my company," the creator of "Go DJ" determined. "It wasn't my business, it wasn't my work office -- it was my home. Now I look at it like, I grew out of that sh-- and left home. I'm tired of eating home food, I gotta go out and eat. But now they took the home food and spiced it up. It's gonna always be cool, 'cause it's love. If you don't have difficulties, then you don't have family."

With his allegiance to the label reaffirmed, the trash-talking MC says he wants to put out a video for the next single off of The Carter, "Earthquake" (see [article id="1485271"]"Mo' Cash Money: Lil' Wayne And Teena Marie LPs, Juvenile Video"[/article]). At the same time, he's finishing up his new album, The Carter 2.

That album is almost done, but before he wraps up, he's hoping for a collaboration with Eminem. Weezy also just started his own record label, Young Money. Boo of Boo & Gotti is on the roster, along with MCs Maine and Curren$y.