9 Former 'Real World' Cast Members Who Revealed Their Shocking 'Skeletons'

In honor of the show's upcoming season -- and its dramatic twist -- we're taking a look back at some very unexpected moments.

For 29 seasons, "The Real World" has featured a diverse cast of young adults, including some who have opted to tell their roommates their deepest, and sometimes darkest, secrets. The show's 30th installment -- which finds four girls and three guys living in a converted Chicago nightclub -- is no different, except those skeletons are guaranteed to be exposed for all the world to see.

The seven original strangers -- Bruno, Jason, Madison, Nicole, Sylvia, Tony and Violetta -- are going to be forced to confront their colorful pasts head-on and face the last person (or people) on this planet they'd like to see.

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But before the show premieres on December 16, and in honor of Throwback Thursday, we're taking a look at several former cast members who candidly revealed some personal truths. Here are nine very honest -- and sometimes very difficult -- "Real World" conversations:

Pedro from Real World: San Francisco

The 22-year-old Cuban-American instantly bonded with Cory: Within moments of meeting her -- and even before stepping into their new home -- he revealed he was HIV-positive and explained his personal crusade to fight the stigma attached to AIDS. It was just one of many moments in which the activist, who died 20 years ago, openly discussed his illness and showcased his determination to educate others about the disease.

Ruthie from Real World: Hawaii


The Hawaiian native's struggle with alcoholism was apparent early on: Ruthie's roommates were forced to call an ambulance after she lost consciousness on the very first episode. Eventually, when she decided to drive after a night of heavy drinking -- thus becoming a danger to herself and the other people in her vehicle -- her roommates unanimously decided she needed to leave the house and attend an alcohol treatment program.

Danny from Real World: New Orleans

The charming Southern boy coyly told Melissa that he recently came out of the closet to his parents, and he had a new man in his life named Paul. But visiting Danny in Nola proved to be an issue for Paul: Not only were his parents unaware that he was gay, but he was also serving in the military -- back when Don't Ask, Don't Tell was still in existence. Paul eventually did go see Danny in the house, but his face was blurred to protect his identity.

Frankie from Real World: San Diego

During the punk-rock lover's first night in the house, she admitted that she shouldn't smoke cigarettes because she suffered from cystic fibrosis -- a hereditary disease that affects the lungs. Her roommates, in turn, appreciated her candor and vowed not to light up in her presence. Sadly, 25-year-old Frankie passed away due to complications from the illness in June 2007 -- almost four years after her "Real World" appearance.

Joey from Real World: Hollywood

The personal trainer/aspiring actor hoped to use his time in Tinseltown to put his troubled past behind him -- he'd struggled with addiction -- and start anew. But halfway through the season, he told producers he needed to leave the show and enter rehab. Joey didn't get the happy ending he wanted: Nearly four years after the Chicagoan's adventures in Hollywood, he was found dead at the age of 29.

Ayiia from Real World: Cancun

Following a fiery argument with Joey, the Hooters waitress retreated to the bathroom and exposed her troubling habit: cutting. Shortly afterward, Jonna heard the model crying and discovered Ayiia had engaged in self-mutilation.

Dustin from Real World: Las Vegas

His former roommate Adam, who'd just been kicked out of the Sin City suite, dished to Nany that Dustin's personal blog revealed a shocking secret: He used to be a porn star and was previously featured on a website that offered an uncensored look at a house of good-looking guys living -- and sleeping -- together. Heather -- who was hooking up with the Louisiana native -- eventually got word of her beau's past, and it made for a very uncomfortable chat.

Brandon from Real World: St. Thomas

The tatted-up Bostonian had been drug-free for five months before jetting off to the Caribbean. But his clean-streak was short-lived: Brandon tested positive for cocaine, thus resulting in his eviction from the house.

Marlon from Real World: Portland

The son of a preacher man revealed, seemingly out of nowhere, that he'd had anal sex -- "with a guy, though." After a series of his peers' shocked faces and expressions, the college football standout went on to explain that he is attracted to both men and women.

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