Could You Have Kept Your Cool In The Face Of 'Catfish' Kidd Cole's Lies?

Though it was clear the supposed music producer was a scam artist, he wouldn't admit to a single thing.

On tonight's "Catfish," Internet detectives Nev Schulman and Max Joseph ventured into new territory, taking on a case that had nothing to do with online romance. A Washington D.C. man named Kidd Cole, who claimed to be a music producer under Kanye West's G.O.O.D. label, threw the guys -- and a young Philadelphia resident named Lucille -- for quite a loop, and even though the trio collected mounting evidence that pointed to Kidd as a shameless scam artist, he copped to Ab. So. Lute. Ly. Nothing.

Lucille, who met Kidd through Twitter, said she was first drawn to him for his talent, and explained that since they'd hit it off so quickly, he felt comfortable asking her for help. Even though the two had never met, and didn't live in the same city, she said Kidd commissioned her to organize things like limo drivers and security for press events and performances, but when it came time to pay the bills, he disappeared. Lucille, who was hoping her good work might amount to a career in the record industry, quickly realized she was being duped, and after some research, Nev and Max discovered she wasn't the only one.


The guys eventually found a Facebook page labeling Kidd as a notorious con artist, and stumbled upon dozens of stories of the supposed producer cheating hard-working people out of hundreds, sometimes even thousands, of dollars. Nev, Max and Lucille were surprised that he was willing to meet when they finally made contact over the phone, but once they came face-to-face with the crook, he wouldn't admit to anything. Nev got so frustrated with Kidd that he took his phone and tossed it into the Potomac River! (He later apologized and assured Kidd he'd get him another phone, but we'd be lying if we said we didn't secretly cheer him on.)

From there, Kidd continued to lie some more, and even roped in a relative stranger to pretend to be a music engineer. Ultimately, however, it all blew up in his face, and though he declined a post-filming video interview, he did make sure to let it be known that he'd co-produced Beyonce's incredibly successful "Drunk In Love." Yeahhhhh, okay, buddy.

+ Considering Kidd wouldn't cop to a single thing, do you think you could have kept your cool in front of him? Share your reaction to his tricks!

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