G-Unit Say Eminem's Album Is 'Definitely Coming Out' After 50 Cent's

Dr. Dre's 'Detox' release, however, is 'iffy,' DJ Whoo Kid tells MTV News.

Tony Yayo's hope isn't too different from a lot of hip-hop fans out there — who wouldn't like to see the Shady/Aftermath/G-Unit triumvirate come back together to smash the game?

"This is my dream," Yayo said to MTV News on Tuesday while taping a segment for Mixtape Monday. "First 50 Cent, then Eminem, then Dr. Dre ... or 50, then Dr. Dre, then Eminem, because they'll both do a million, first week, behind the anticipation. [article id="1596508"][Before I] Self Destruct,[/article] last album [for Interscope] — that means a big bag of money might be coming from somewhere. ... Eminem, he's like Jesus overseas. He's like Elvis overseas. Then Dr. Dre drops. Then a G-Unit/Shady/Aftermath tour."

"All that snapping, all that prancing is gonna stop and hip-hop is back," DJ Whoo Kid added. 50's DJ then said he had a more authoritative word on how Interscope Records is going to unleash its "three-headed monster."

"My reality is 50, then Eminem, because I know that's definitely coming out next [after 50]," Whoo Kid insisted. "Then iffy on the Dre. But Eminem is definitely coming out.

"I heard four joints, and I tried to Bluetooth it, and I got caught at the door," he added with a laugh. "There's no way to get an Eminem joint unless they officially leak it. Them mutha----as got FBI on the computer."

Whoo Kid didn't speak in depth about the material he heard from Em but did promise that everyone would love it.

"Oh my God!" he exclaimed. "You're gonna be wilding. Eminem is definitely next. You heard it from my f---ing mouth. That's that. I wish I could play it out my head right now."

"I been hearing the talks through the building," Yayo offered. "50 album and an Em album and a Dre album. That's like the focus. Them three dudes shut down the building. But 50 is the point man. He sets it off."

50's album is set to drop December 9. There are no official release dates for Eminem's [article id="1595050"]upcoming album[/article] and Dr. Dre's [article id="1591395"]long-awaited Detox.[/article]

Next week's edition of Mixtape Monday goes online and on MTV Jams on October 20. A special sneak of the Yayo segment will be featured, as well as a very rare treat for all Eminem fans.

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