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Marques Houston Says He's Laying It Down On 'Mattress Music'

'It's definitely one you can put on in the bedroom,' the singer/actor says about latest release.

[article id="1648229"]Marques Houston[/article] wants to bring sexy back -- his own.

The singer scored a breakout hit five years ago with 2005's "Naked" from his sophomore solo album of the same name. The song, of course, was best remembered for its D'Angelo-aping music video in which Houston strips down to his birthday suit, à la "Untitled." But Houston says he wanted to revisit the sound of that project, if not the visual, with his recently released album, Mattress Music.

"As artists, you try to always do things different; try some songs here, try some stuff because you're experimenting," Houston told MTV News. "And I was like, 'I got to get back to the sexy music.' With Mattress Music, I originally was gonna title the album Baby-Making Music, but I thought that was a little bit too forward. So I said, 'Let's think of something that can say the same thing but not be so potent.' So we did the song 'Noise,' it was like one of the first songs we recorded for the album. And in the beginning [lyrics] it was like, 'This is mattress music,' and I was like, 'Ah, there we go.' "

But the first pair of singles, "Kickin & Screamin" and the Rick Ross-assisted "Pullin on Her Hair," would seem to be the definition of forward. Houston said that on past material, he ventured only briefly into more mature fare. With Mattress Music, though, the singer revealed he's ready to engage his adult thoughts a bit more.

"I really wanted [it] to be Naked but kind of different than Naked. I wanted to go a little left," he explained. "That entire album wasn't as sexy as this one. There was a couple songs on there that flirted with the idea of it being mature, but this one I wanted to go all the way. It's definitely one you can put on in the bedroom."

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