As Ozzfest Ends, Bands Continue Their Wicked Ways

Black Sabbath, Ozzy wrapping up new albums while several artists prepare to tour again.

Ozzfest 2001 drew to a close Sunday, leaving many fans wondering what the future holds for their favorite bands. Whether it's working on a new album, heading back out on the road or prepping their next video, to cop a metal cliché from Ozzy's 1989 solo album, there seems to be no rest for the wicked. ([article id="1444447"]Click for photos [/article]from the festival.)

  • Black Sabbath are hoping to book more studio time to finish up their new album, the group's first with their original lineup since 1978's Never Say Die! (see [article id="1441844"]"Black Sabbath Working On New Album"[/article]). That won't happen, however, until frontman Ozzy Osbourne completes his new disc, Down to Earth, due October 16, according to a spokesperson from Sharon Osbourne Management (see [article id="1444998"]"Black Sabbath Ordered To Scrap Post-Ozzfest Trek"[/article]). The track "Gets Me Through" has been chosen as the LP's first single. Ozzy is also expected to support the album with a fall tour.

  • Marilyn Manson will surface next on the soundtrack and score to "From Hell," a film about the exploits of London slasher Jack the Ripper. Bassist Twiggy Ramirez's skills will abound in the fictional band Steel Dragon that is featured in the film "Rock Star" (see [article id="1446416"]"Van Halen, Marilyn Manson, Dokken Veterans Form Movie Supergroup"[/article]). Manson is also expected to tour in the fall, according to an Interscope spokesperson.
  • Linkin Park need to finish work on the video for "In the End," their third single, which DJ Joseph Hahn began co-directing with Nathan Cox in mid-July (see [article id="1445204"]"Operation Desert Form: Linkin Park Shoot 'In The End' Clip"[/article]).
  • Slipknot's masked men are bracing themselves for the release of their second album, Iowa, on August 28. The first single from what the band insists is the heaviest album ever recorded will be "Left Behind" (see [article id="1445413"]"Slipknot Set 'Left Behind' As First Iowa Single, Video"[/article]). Prior to the album's release, the nasty nine will visit Japan and the U.K. before returning Stateside to embark on the Pledge of Allegiance tour with System of a Down, Mudvayne and others (see [article id="1443368"]"System Of A Down, Slipknot Join Up For Fall Tour"[/article]). Somewhere along the way, guitarists #4 (James Root) and #7 (Mick Thompson) will finish work on their respective solo albums (see [article id="1445023"]"Slipknot's #4 And #7 Working On Solo LPs"[/article]). For a feature interview with singer Corey Taylor (#8), check out [article id="1445317"]"Slipknot: Home Is Where The Art Is."[/article]).
  • Papa Roach are leaving Thursday for a tour of Europe, Mexico and Japan that will keep the members away from home until the end of September, according to the group's publicist. Much-needed rest and relaxation is planned for October, and November will see the band heading into the studio to work on its second album, the follow-up to last year's Infest. The Northern California quartet is also hoping to release its first home video this fall (see [article id="1445907"]"Papa Roach To Roll Out DVD"[/article]).
  • Crazy Town, despite previous reports, will not perform alongside angry rappers M.O.P. at the Source Awards in Miami on August 20 (see [article id="1445385"]"Nelly, P. Diddy, Crazy Town Performing At Source Awards"[/article]) because M.O.P. backed out. A European club tour is possible in early September, a Columbia Records spokesperson said. The group is also scheduled to perform at a benefit concert for breast cancer in October, sharing the stage with Third Eye Blind, Billy Corgan, Deftones and Sugar Ray (see [article id="1445407"]"Third Eye Blind Frontman Plans All-Star Breast Cancer Benefit"[/article]).
  • Zakk Wylde's Black Label Society are expected to release another album early next year, according to Spitfire Records. Wylde will appear in the film "Rock Star," playing a beer-guzzling, gun-loving guitarist (big stretch) alongside Mark Wahlberg and Jennifer Aniston. Ozzy Osbourne's longtime bandmate will also lend Ozzy a hand in the studio on his solo album (see [article id="1442847"]"Ozzy Shows Nü Influences On Upcoming LP"[/article]).
  • Disturbed are taking a five-week break to write and record their second album, the follow-up to last year's The Sickness, before embarking on the Music as a Weapon tour September 22 with Drowning Pool, Adema, Stereomud and Systematic, frontman David Draiman said. The Chicago quartet has already written a few tracks for the new LP, which the band plans to preview during the tour.
  • Mudvayne have been tapped as openers for the Pledge of Allegiance tour, with System of a Down and Slipknot, according to drummer Spag. They're also planning on releasing a live DVD in October, filmed during the band's hometown show in Peoria, Illinois. Coinciding with the home video, the band will give its first, independently produced, album, Kill I Oughta, a proper nationwide release with bonus material.
  • Drowning Pool, Ozzfest's breakout band, will hit the road with fellow Southerners Sevendust beginning August 21 (see [article id="1446508"]"Sevendust, Drowning Pool Team Up For Tour"[/article]). Following that jaunt, more roadwork is required of the Dallas quartet, as they'll hit the highway as part of the Music as a Weapon tour, with Disturbed, Adema, Stereomud, and Systematic (see Disturbed's entry above).
  • Meanwhile, for those who missed out on this summer's hardest happening, the live album Ozzfest 2001: The Second Millennium, featuring live cuts from all the Ozzfest offenders, hits stores Tuesday (see [article id="1445048"]"Black Sabbath, Marilyn Manson Preserved On Ozzfest Live CD"[/article]).