Louis Tomlinson Is The Best Member Of One Direction: End Of Story

I don't even see how there's a debate, really.

It seems that there is something of a war brewing among my colleagues here at MTV News -- and it all started with a foolish declaration that Liam Payne is better than the rest of One Direction. Shots have been fired, fans are starting to take up arms -- all for naught. Because the battle over the best 1D member was won a long time ago -- as soon as Louis Tomlinson's sea-green eyes first pierced our souls.

See, I, like Louis, am not one to pick a fight. I'd rather just sit there, stare at those eyes and tossle that hair. There's really no need to justify the fact, but, just in case, here are a few reasons there's really no one like Louis:

He Looks Good With Any Form Of Facial Hair

He's Completely, Refreshingly Self-Aware

And Athletic, Too

He's Got A James Dean-esque Bad Boy Thing Going On

... And Also A Hell Of A Bitch Face

But Under All That, He's Got A Serious Soft Side

Did I Mention That Laugh?

Or That Hair?

And, Most Importantly, THOSE EYES???.. Oh Wait, I Did

This War Is Over


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