'Nine' Star Daniel Day-Lewis Has No Interest In Starring In A Hollywood Blockbuster

There are many reasons that Daniel Day-Lewis is considered one of the finest actors currently working in the movie business, with one of the most important ones being his highly selective process in choosing film roles.

Sure, it would be awesome to see Day-Lewis take on an iconic role in a Hollywood tentpole picture. How much fun would it be to see him in one of Christopher Nolan's "Batman" movies, for example? But don't hold your breath, as the "Nine" star recently told MTV's Josh Horowitz that the chances of him signing on for a blockbuster are highly unlikely.

"[This is] not meant to belittle those films or the people [who work on them], because there are people that need to do those films and love to do those films — they can be fantastically entertaining for the people who love to see them — but it's not for me," Day-Lewis said about the prospects of starring in a franchise film.

That's not to say that the actor hasn't been approached for these types of roles, as Day-Lewis famously turned down the opportunity to star in the "Lord of the Rings" movies as Aragorn, a role that ultimately went to Viggo Mortensen. In the end, however, Day-Lewis is very cautious about accepting these types of roles for a very simple reason: he's afraid of getting bored.

"When I'm working on something, if I'm intrigued by it, I'm never bored," he explained. "I'm incapable of being bored. If I found myself working on a film and during the course of that work I was bored, because I didn't really know what the hell I was involved in, I would find that infinitely demoralizing and it might well make me decide to pack my bags."

Well, we certainly wouldn't want DDL to quit the acting game, but come on... can he really deny the awesomeness that was "The Dark Knight," especially given Heath Ledger's Oscar-winning turn as the Joker?

"[In] the case of Heath's performance in that, it's remarkable," he allowed. "That, to me, is like finding a gem in the market. It's not something I would expect."

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