Watch Madonna And Terrence Howard Dance Around A Fiery ‘Ghosttown’ In New Video

Lucious Lyon has some MOVES, y'all.

Not going to lie, we were slightly bummed when we discovered Madonna’s new video for “Ghosttown” didn’t feature a Taylor Swift guitar-strumming cameo, à la her performance at last month’s iHeart Radio Music Awards. Thankfully, though, there’s another celeb cameo in the video that’s just as exciting.

The apocalyptic new clip for Madge’s second Rebel Heart single kicks off with ominous fake news warnings about nuclear destruction, setting the scene for five minutes of spiders, rats, and lots of things on fire. In the middle of it all is our gap-toothed heroine, who looks positively magician-like in a cape and top hat while she surveys the destruction and observes that the “world has turned to dust.”



And then, suddenly, there’s Terrence Howard! The “Empire” star appears as a a sweaty-faced sniper who’s about to take Madge out (ruh roh!). Thankfully, after putting down their defenses, Terrence and Madonna embrace their roles as “two souls in a ghosttown,” engage in a super random but well-executed tango, and then wander off into the smoky abyss, little boy and dog in tow.



Madonna has taken a multi-platform approach to releasing new videos lately — she premiered “Living For Love” on Snapchat last month, and attempted to drop “Ghosttown” on Meerkat yesterday. But after technological issues got in the way, she finally released the clip on YouTube and Vevo for our collective viewing pleasure.

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