Exclusive: Magic Johnson And Larry Bird Confirmed For 'NBA Jam'

You probably already know that there's a new "NBA Jam" coming for the Wii. If you don't, hit that link for some hands-on impressions of the game.

It seems that a lot of effort is being focused on bringing "old school" gamers back to the franchise, and, in order to do that, you'll need old school players. Enter Magic Johnson and Larry Bird.

In an interview with the "NBA Jam" creative director, Trey Smith, I asked about some of the modes in the game. In describing one such mode, Classic Campaign, Smith let slip that the tournament-style mode will culminate with a legendary game against two of the NBA's greats: Johnson and Bird.

"Whoever wins the [2010 NBA] championship, they'll be the second-to-last team, and then we'll have a legendary battle. Right now it's slated: Magic and Bird."

I continued pegging Smith with questions about additional secret characters (George Clinton? Air Dog? President Obama?), but he wouldn't budge, apart from the Magic and Bird reveal.

Here's the clip of Smith discussing some of the game's modes in more depth:

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