Lady Gaga Finally Confirms 'You And I' As Her Next Single

Gaga performed the song twice on Thursday, on 'So You Think You Can Dance' and 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!'

Perhaps it wasn't that big of a secret to begin with, but on Thursday night when [artist id="3061469"]Lady Gaga[/artist] stopped by "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" the singer finally confirmed what everybody already presumed: "You and I" will be her next single from Born This Way.

When asked what she planned to perform that night in addition to "The Edge of Glory," Gaga replied, "I'm going to sing my brand-new single [article id="1667921"]'You and I.'[/article] " She recently shot the video for the track in Nebraska.

Gaga also performed those two tracks on "So You Think You Can Dance" on Thursday night, following her appearance on the show the day before as a guest judge.

Before taking the "Kimmel" stage and pounding the keys on her piano for the track, she joked around with the host about her killer cooking skills, her five Emmy nods for her [article id="1663430"]HBO special[/article] and, of course, her nomination for the Bowling Hall of Fame.

"I am a good bowler pre-Budweiser," she laughed. "And then once the beers start loading up, I become worse and worse, which is really great for whoever takes me out on the date, 'cause I'm a good, cheap date and a terrible bowler."

So, does Gaga ever don bowling shoes? "Absolutely not!" she said. "What if one of my fans walked into the bowling alley and saw me in flats? They'd have a heart attack."

When Kimmel asked if one day she planned on actually creating any Little Monsters of her own, the always forthright Gaga shared that she does plan on starting a family someday. "Do I want to have kids? Someday ... long, long day from now," she said. She joked about whether or not she'd love her kids even if they didn't turn out to be gay, telling Kimmel, "No, I actually don't even like you 'cause you're not."

Gaga also just announced the planned release of a [article id="1668138"]coffee-table book, called "Lady Gaga,"[/article] the photos for which are by fashion photographer Terry Richardson. The book is due out in November.