Iron Man Lamp: Bright Idea

No offense, but you're just not. Neither are we, though. Who is Iron Man?

Well, Iron Man is technically Robert Downey, Jr.'s goatee, a crime-fighting, smack-talking, machine mine comprised of equal amounts iron and wit. He is unstoppable (unless, of course, he gets stopped in "Iron Man 3," which is a possibility). Until then, you might a well keep the hope alive with an Iron Man lamp.

That's right: it's a desk light made entirely of the "hand/gauntlet/arm that [meant] to shed light on your desk via the repulsor weapon." What a stylish way to both decorate your home and express your undying devotion to a fictional character!

It's fair to say that the lamp itself looks like it's been through the wringer, but, really, who wants a squeaky clean Iron Man? Not us! We have standards.

Check out a few pics of this lovely desk decor below, and head to 9 Gag for more.

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