19 One Direction Fans Explain What It Means To Be At Their Last Official Tour Stop Of 2015

'It's been quite emotional,' says everybody.

SHEFFIELD, ENGLAND -- One Direction are one of the most successful boy bands of all time -- and even the label "boy band" seems a little reductive for them at this point. But these four lads -- Harry, Louis, Niall and Liam -- have always been up front about giving credit where it's actually due: to the fans.

Of course, without One Direction, there would be no Directioners, but the opposite seems to be even more true somehow. Without the fans who pushed them to the top of Twitter after their 2010 loss on "The X Factor," without the fans who ensured each of their four albums debuted at No. 1, without the fans who've essentially grown up along with the group, there simply wouldn't be 1D. At least not 1D as we know it.

It made sense, then, to travel to the Sheffield Arena in Sheffield, England for the group's final show of its On The Road Again Tour and ask fans what it means to be there. Saturday's Halloween gig, the final of a consecutive trio in Sheffield, is the group's last official tour stop before their hiatus in March, so emotions are high.

Indeed, that's what Directioners kept saying.

Eira, Zoe, Sophia

Patrick Hosken/ MTV News


"We saw the first [show of the tour], and now we're here for the last. It's been quite emotional because obviously they're going on a break. This is gonna be the best of all, I think, 'cause they're gonna be excited. I think they'll be a bit excited since it's the last one."


Patrick Hosken/ MTV News


"They deserve the break after five years nonstop touring and recording. They need a break. [In the meantime, they'll] just maybe relax, spend a bit of time with the family, see the friends. Just...relax."

Chloe, Lily

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"I'm happy that they're going on hiatus obviously because, like, they have worked so hard for the last five years. They definitely deserve it. And it's amazing just to be here because, I dunno, tickets were sold out really quickly. To experience the last one is an emotional thing, but it's also a good thing because it makes you think about how much they achieved and where they are now."

"Hopefully [they'll] do a few of their own things to just experience life without One Direction, and then hopefully just write and then come back together."

Laura, Megan

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"It's quite emotional, and we're really excited as well. I think something could happen. I hope they dress up or at least have some sort of face paint on. That would be cool. I hope they'll go on a nice holiday. I think they'll just do normal stuff and be with family and rest."

Rosie, Jess, Becky

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"We went to Manchester [to buy tickets] and we met these [other fans] at the Manchester one, too. We know each other through One Direction, since four weeks ago. Well, she stayed at mine for the whole week, this holiday."

"I think they should change it a bit, like change set lists. Do, like, covers instead of other songs. Older ones that they're not doing anymore. 'Moments.'"

Chloe, Charlie

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"Everything. Literally everything. I've waited six years to be here. We thought we were gonna miss out on yesterday's, and then they added more days, and I cried. Safe to say."

"I hope Harry releases a solo song, not gonna lie. I'm kind of a Harry girl. I kinda want see behind-the-scenes holidays, 'cause that would be cool. It's what I live for."

Beth, Charlie

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"It's the last one. That's the one point. We're been both before but we bought extra tickets to come here since it's the last one. [I hope they] maybe think about when they're gonna come back, hopefully. That would be quite nice. [Tonight,] something big. Well, they've already said on their tour tickets something big's gonna happen. I'm expecting...something. I'm excited. And nervous."

Charlotte, Emily

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"It obviously means a lot because they're going on the break, and it's the last one, and it's Halloween as well, so it makes it really special, and I'm just really excited to in now and listen to them. They said in an interview that they wanted the fans to dress up, so I hope they do."

"It's gonna be really emotional. I'm gonna cry all the way through."

Katie, Abigail

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"It's exciting but it's really sad. We got a bit -- it's gonna be really emotional, but we're very happy. It's for the best. I hope there are some surprises, maybe like the show's a bit longer? I saw them yesterday and I wanna know if it's gonna be different from the last show. [I'd like] some different songs, like some of the older songs."

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