Watch Ariel Winter Shut Down Body-Shamers While Wearing A Pokémon Onesie

‘There are so many bigger issues in the world’

Ariel Winter gave zero fucks on The Talk Tuesday when she donned a Jigglypuff onesie to discuss body-shaming and cyberbullying. In fact, the whole cast got into the Pokémon Go spirit.

"I think there are so many bigger issues in the world that we should be focusing on than what we're wearing," Winter said as the audience cheered in approval.

The Modern Family star is only 18, but she's entirely too familiar with internet trolls: "I've been body-shamed for just about everything I could be body-shamed for. I mean, I've worn a dress at 12 years old and gotten body-shamed about it."

Most recently, critics attacked Winter's high school graduation dress, which showed a trendy flash of underboob. She thought she looked "great," and that all that matters. Watch the full roundtable here:

Maybe take up knitting or skateboarding or literally any other hobby that's more productive than tearing down strangers? Kthxbye.

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