The Countdown To Kim Kardashian’s Makeup Line Has Officially Begun

Watch out, Kylie

Kim Kardashian has been hinting over the last year that she'd be releasing her own makeup line, but today she confirmed it by cryptically tweeting out a link to a new website, KKW Beauty.

The site itself doesn't reveal much other than a countdown to June 21, 2017. Since Kim and Kanye have a penchant for building up hype before releasing products that sell out at a moment's notice, I'm assuming that's the date when her first product(s) will be available for sale.

Back in April, Kim collaborated with her family's resident cosmetics mogul, Kylie, on a line of liquid lipsticks. And before that she took it upon herself to be a modern-day Robin Hood by handing out lip kits she stole to unsuspecting Kylie Cosmetics fans. But this new venture seems to be independent of Kylie's namesake company.

Celebrity beauty brands seem to be having a moment, especially with news that Rihanna's is also coming soon. And personally, I'm here for it, as I always love new and exciting opportunities to spend money I should be saving on makeup I don't need.

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