How To Deal With Contacts When You Have Kylie Jenner Nails

Without stabbing yourself in the eye with your KLAWS.

Kylie Jenner's signature style would be nothing without her claws -- or, rather -- klaws. Long, acrylic nails are showing up on a lot of people including Kylie, Zendaya, and Rihanna. While you may be very tempted to try these out yourself, you may also have a lot of reservations, especially if you're a person who wears contacts. The idea of repeatedly stabbing yourself in the eye with an acrylic nail may be enough to turn you off to the idea altogether, but I'm here to tell you there's hope.

Not only is it not that difficult to handle your contacts with long nails, but there are many methods to do it. I've rounded up the best to assure you that wearing contacts is the least of your fake nail worries (seriously, buttoning shirts is much, much harder).

Method #1

Taking out your contacts seems like a much bigger feat than putting them in since, with shorter nails, you can easily pinch them out with two fingers. This method doesn't work so much when your nails are long. Katie Huynh shows you how to pull down underneath your eye with one finger, then drag and pinch your contact out with the other. It's much easier than it sounds, promise.

Method #2

Another approach involves taking both of your index or middle fingers and pinching your contact out from the sides.

Method #3

This last method is similar to my own approach, and involves taking your index and middle finger, pinching your contact from the sides, then pulling it out.

Personally, I take my thumb to pull down on the skin underneath my eye, then use my index finger to pull down my contact, and then pinch it out. TBH, contacts are weird regardless of nail length and it takes a lot of maneuvering and practice to figure out what works. By trying out each of these methods, you'll be able to figure out which approach is best for you and be a Kylie Klaw pro in no time.

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