Charli XCX Reveals Moment She Fell In Love With Britney Spears And Why Gwen Stefani Is So ‘Badass’

Charli has no time for 'a--holes' but plenty of time for Gwen.

Charli XCX has made her love for Britney Spears no secret (I mean, doesn't everyone love Godney?).

She's professed her admiration for her in interviews, wrote a song for her and, now, called her out in Sucker's liner notes, thanking the pop star for "making me want to do this in the first place."


Charli recenlty dropped by "Live From MTV" where she talked about why she decided to show Britney some love.

"The first music video, all her music videos, I remember watching "...Baby One More Time" and being sat cross-legged in front of the TV being like, 'Oh my god,'" she said. "I've never seen a video like that before and it just really blew me away. I was a fan, I mean I still am, I think it was just inspiring to me. It was another world."

Charli did submit a song for Brit's Britney Jean album, and while it didn't get put on the record, she would "love" to write for her next.

But Britney better put in a request soon because Charli is getting a bit booked up. She revealed that she's been talking "a lot" with Rita Ora about a future collaboration, and she's been penning a song for Gwen Stefani for her upcoming project.

"We actually never worked in the room together, which was not so weird for me, but I think for her because of the way she song writes..." Charli said of Gwen. "It was incredible to work with her. When we finally met -- we had been emailing -- she's just like so badass. I really admire someone who really is at the top of their game and has never made a bad decision -- I don't think -- and has constantly kept cool and is so nice, and I think that's cool. I don't have time for people that are a--holes. I have a lot of time for Gwen."

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