Kim Kardashian Poses Naked On A Motel Bed In New 'Love' Photos

'Nothing butt Prada.' - Kim's words, not ours

Just when you thought we couldn't possibly see any more content from Love Magazine's Issue 13 before it comes out on February 9, Kim Kardashian goes and shares multiple photos from her Steven Klein shoot.

All the photos appear to be taken at a motel and have Kim in Prada, which, LBR, is pretty fancy for that #MotelLife.

There's the one where she's being spooned by "bae" on a pool raft. Her bae isn't Kanye, by the way, it's a blowup doll.

There's the one where she watches over bae in the pool :(!!

There's the one where she's lying on a bare Motel 6 mattress in a custom Prada bodysuit.

There's the one where Kim is taking a "casual stretch" in aforementioned bodysuit on aforementioned bare mattress.

And, of course, there's the one where Kim is totally naked on the bare mattress, with the perfect caption: "Nothing butt Prada." Please take this moment to give Kim a few claps for that pun—seriously, do it.

The full issue, we now know, will be out on February 9. While it's hard to imagine there will be anything in this magazine we haven't already seen by now, we're sure there's still more—if this is what's being shared of Kim's 30+ page spread in advance, just imagine what's inside.