Beyonce Healing Fast Thanks To Serena Williams

'Lose My Breath' video to be shot later this week as planned.

BEVERLY HILLS, California -- It always pays to have friends in high places.

"Kelly Rowland is friends with Serena Williams, and she hooked us up with her doctor and I'm doing very, very well," Beyoncé said Tuesday of her injured hamstring, which is healing much faster than expected (see[article id="1491496"] "Beyonce Injured At Dance Rehearsal; Some Of Destiny's Child's Plans Delayed"[/article]).

"We were dancing, trying to get ready for the video, and I got a little carried away and excited and pulled my hamstring, actually 20 percent of my hamstring," the singer explained. "I thought it was actually worse than it is. The first day I couldn't walk, but ... I have a great doctor and I'm working out very hard every day with my athletic trainer."

Beyoncé is healing so well, in fact, that Destiny's Child will shoot their "Lose My Breath" video later this week as originally planned. "My leg was actually a blessing in disguise because it gave us more time to prepare for the video," Beyoncé said, sharing a bench in the Regent Beverly Wilshire with Rowland and Michelle Williams.

Marc Klasfeld, who has directed clips for Sum 41, Nelly and Alien Ant Farm, is helming the video.

"It's really a dance-off between a more sophisticated 'in-fashion' Destiny's Child versus a more 'street' Destiny's Child," Beyoncé said of the clip. "And in the end a third Destiny's Child even more fierce takes over. It's a lot of hard work for us because we have to learn three routines for the same song. People will be shocked because it's different for us. They've never seen us really dance."

"Lose My Breath," the first single from Destiny Fulfilled, due November 16, was produced by Rodney Jerkins, the man behind DC's "Say My Name" and many other R&B hits.

"All we heard were the drums and we was like, 'That would be hot with something on top of it,' " Williams said. "And Rodney Jerkins did his thizzle on it and created a great, different track that I've never heard before, that's not on radio."

"[Beyoncé and Michelle] heard it first and when I saw their excitement, I got excited without even hearing it," Rowland added. "That track has so much presence, and the fact that we've been on hiatus for two or three years, it's a great comeback song. It sounds like 'We're back!' "

Along with Jerkins, the ladies got some help on "Lose My Breath" from Jay-Z.

"I told him we heard this crazy track and it's going to have everyone losing their breath," Beyoncé said, "and he was like, 'I got it, [singing] "Can you keep up?" ' He actually came up with the chorus without even hearing the track."

Destiny's Child took Jay's chorus and then wrote the verses and bridge around it. "We've had experiences with men doing a lot of talking but they can't back it up," Williams said of the lyrics. "You said you could do this, but you can't, whether that's on the dance floor or wherever else. He said what he could do for you, but ... "

"Uh ah!" Beyoncé finished, smiling.

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