She 'Does' Have A Heart: A Look Back At Sadie Saxton's Softer Side [Video]


It's an understatement to say that Sadie Saxton is the queen of mean -- seriously, not even the uber-friendly Beau Mirchoff would want her at his lunch table -- but sometimes...okay, very few times, the emo kid inside Sades rears her mascara-streaked face in a cry for help. The bad bitch we love to hate actually has a secret sensitive side, which makes us wonder if all her rude zingers are just a front for her rabid insecurities. After all, isn't that the definition of a bully?

Last week's "Awkward" showed Sadie at her most vulnerable, and her semi-desperate pleas for a heart-to-heart with Matty kinda came as a shock. "No one cares if I'm alive or dead, I may as well be Ricky," Sadie confessed to Matty, just before assuring him that she loves herself too much to do anything stupid. Thank Lissa's God for that. Still, nothing could have prepared us for Sadie breaking down her barriers to admit she's downright scared, and that wasn't even her most sensitive moment to date...

"I've never been so humiliated." Keep in mind that Sadie felt the sting of failing to fit into McKibben's britches for a pep rally game during the show's pilot -- y'know, before a million other embarrassing situations could surface. As you'll see, there's plenty more where this came from.

"You don't understand what it's like to be surrounded by all of the girls who can eat everything and do everything, and they're perfect." We spotted a massive crack in Sadie's shell during Season 1, when she sobbed to her mother about her weight frustrations. When Mrs. Saxton's only solace was to suggest logging calories in a food journal, we almost wanted to coo, "There, there," while stroking Sadie's hair. Almost.

"Are you so dense that you can't see that I've had a crush on you forever? And you want me to make you feel better because you've finally tasted the bitter pill of rejection? Well, I won't. Welcome to my club. It's a lonely, sad..." Mean girl Sadie uttered these soul-baring words right before a brokenhearted Matty kissed her -- and passed out mid-smooch -- during Season 2. Yeouch.

"I'm a bitch, but I'm not a heartless bitch. I should've seen the signs!" The only thing worse than being dumped is being dumped by Ricky Schwartz (RIP). Sadie fell harder than an amateur cheerleader for the PHHS man whore, and while many thought they were a match made in hell, Sadie was more into the smooth-talking band geek than he was into her. When she stumbled upon Ricky and Clark in the closet at the end of last season, she found herself back in the Lonely Hearts Club, crying to none other than J-Ham and Tamara., nope.

The evidence is clear: Sadie's had her fair share of uncomfortable, vulnerable moments; however, she's also been the source of many, many other PHHS students' even worse ones. If she starts to show some remorse, maybe then she'll have our pity. Tune in to "Awkward" tonight at 10/9c to see if she's truly on her way to turning over a softer leaf.

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