Angie Martinez Finally Sheds Light On Why She Left Hot 97

'I like taking on that challenge,' she says.

Angie Martinez shocked the hip-hop world when she announced last week that she was leaving Hot 97, where she had become "The Voice of New York" during her two decades at the New York radio station.

The public's collective awe was only intensified when it was revealed, the following day, that she was making the move to her former employer's crosstown rival, Power 105. Martinez is now explaining the motivations behind the shift.

"I tried to really look at what's best for my career, what's best for my life, what's best for my family, for me," she told Billboard. "I had to take my emotion out of it. It was a decision that I felt was right for me.

“It just got to the point where I wanted to assess myself and my career and where my future was going,” she added, in an interview with the New York Post. “It’s what I wanted. It just got to the point where I wanted to be on in different markets -- I want to grow and be challenged in new ways."

Her new gig will bring her to airwaves both in the Tri-State area, where she'll have an afternoon show on Power, as well as 103.5 The Beat in Miami.

“It’s not going to be the same show -- I’ll do a show just for Miami and a show just for New York,” she said. “I’ll mostly be based in New York, but I’ll travel back and forth. Miami is my second home, anyway; I have so many friends there and the plan is to be there as much as I can.

“My workload is definitely going to increase but it’s not a coasting situation for me, like I got a new job and I’m going to take it easy now,” she said. “But I like taking on that challenge.”

Angie is set to start the new gigs in July.

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